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Ordering is as easy as email and PayPal keeps it all secure. I only accept PayPal. It is easy to use and, offers buyer protection and allows the use of personal checks as well as credit cards. It is free for you and means I don't have to add a costly system to accept payments that would add to the cost of your purchase. It also means really great shipping rates, especially on the website!
Shipping/Handling has always been a difficult part of any sale. The handling part is $1.85 for the first item on all sales through ebay.
Postage is additional and will be calculated based on the destination and total weight. Each posting on ebay will contain
a link for you to calculate the postage for that sale based on your shipping preferences. If you win multiple items, a shipping charge is calculated for the combined weight, but handling charges still apply (although they may be reduced).  I will generally catch this and prepare an invoice for you. I may miss out, so email me at any time with a request to combine shipping. Include the item numbers of those you wish shipped together. Some items must be shipped individually, so make sure they can be combined first.

Shipping/Handling is only 99-cents for all orders from the website via US Postal Services to the USA.
Insurance or other additional services are available at cost.
Email first for International shipping costs.

There are several shipping methods available through the ebay system and charges will be calculated based on your choice & zip..
PayPal will automatically calculate the charges on check-out and payments may be made in US Dollars or Euro. .
Cash is also accepted and you may pay the equivelent amount in any world currency. If you use crisp new bills
from your country for payment, I will include additional bonus material.
Always ask first if there is a question, and I am always open to a new idea.

Email any questions you might have.
Dave Kert

<>You may fax us at (530) 676-1499 (West), or 309-407-0966 (Midwest), 413-638-3305 (East),

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